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Spring Specials: March - May 2018 -- Something for everyone!
Specials expire May 31, 2018
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Self Care Class Plus Session!
Attend an energy group practice ($15 on select Tuesday evenings or Saturdays) and get an energy session (one hour) for $45. These two sessions go hand in hand to assist you in moving towards relaxed balance and provide you with energy exercises to retain your energy benefits.

Pain Reduction Sessions --> $100 for TWO (1 hour each) sessions ~ an integrative approach to evaluate and address symptoms. Can include energy techniques, craniosacral (CST), craniosacral fascial (CFT), Reiki, chakra balance, MPS. Possible beneftis: reduce/eliminate pain; shift stuck energy which may assist in shifting feelings (anxiety, feeling stuck, saddness, anger, confusion, etc); May increase feelings of balance, wholeness, increase spirituality, increase perception; relax tight jaw/mouth (TMJD); relax tight shoulders; relax nervous system; promote overall energy health; open and balance chakra system. Eastern and Western practices. Payment $100 on first session. Regular: $140. Offer Expires: May 31, 2018

Express your True Self Session --> $80 for 1.5 hr
This session can assist in clearing and opening the Throat chakra: the center for expression of true self. Indications: Jaw (TMJD) discomfort; teeth clenching; difficulty expressing yourself; regular throat irritation, coughing, post nasal drip; holding yourself back from creative expression; not knowing and/or feeling disconnected from your truth. This session may include aromatherapy, craniosacral (CST) and/or craniosacral fascial (CFT), Reiki, acupressure, MPS, and chakra opening techniques. Possible benefits are relaxation, increased presence and clarity, connectedness. Client remains fully clothed, minus shoes for comfort. Regular: $90. Offer Expires: May 31, 2018.

Birthday Celebration: Is it your birthday month? Treat yourself to $10 off a 1.5 hour full-price session.
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