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Spring Specials: June 2017 - August 2017 -- Something for everyone!
Specials expire August 31, 2017.

Try Something New! -->
Purchase two full price sessions and get a 30 minute Energy Session free! Sessions can be purchased individually -- just must be between June 1 and August 31, with Free 30 minute session scheduled with second session. Learn more by asking me -- so new it's not on my website yet!

Chakra Balance --> $60-$100
The whole Chakra Series is on Special Summer 2017! TAke $10 off a 60 minute session; $15 off a 90 minute session; $20 off a 120 minute session. Chakra Balance; Express your True Self; Forward Alignment; Chakra Weave; Foot Chakra -- all on Special! Providing many of the same benefits as a Reiki session, this session is based on Hindu energy philosophy and assists in balancing the seven main energy centers called chakras. These energy centers relate to areas of life experience like communication, personal power, connection with others, forgiveness, love, connection to divine energy, intuition.  Common benefits are relaxation, increased presence and clarity. Client remains fully clothed, minus shoes for comfort.
Expires: August 31, 2017..

Feel Better --> $120 for two sessions ~ an integrative approach to evaluate and address concerns. Can include craniosacral (CST), craniosacral fascial (CFT), Reiki, chakra balance, MPS, aromatherapy. Common beneftis: reduce/eliminate pain; feeling stuck; ear, eye, respiratory discomfort, tight jaw/mouth (TMJD), scar release. Eastern and Western practices. 2 - 60 minute sessions $120 (regular: $140) Expires: August 31,, 2017.

Birthday Celebration: Is it your birthday month? Treat yourself to $10 off a 1.5 hour full-price session.
Visit Sessions page for choices.

Gift Certificates: Gift Certificates make great gifts anytime of the year

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