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Georgiana is an experienced speaker and loves to share information about the power of our Breath, Reiki, Qigong, energy enhancement exercises, Mind/Body concepts and practices, meditation, and positive intentions. Informative and interactive, Georgiana's presentations are enjoyable and inspirational.

All presentations center around the theme of stress reduction. Stress reduction practices may reduce risk of disease, illness and injury. Reducing stress may also increase life enjoyment, creativity, responsiveness and a sense of connection and purpose.

Contact her for more information at 407-339-4050 or info@qiconsciousness.com.

Presentation topics available:

Relaxing Breath Presentation : An interactive hour presentation and discussion on the powerful effect
conscious breathing can have on the body / mind. Included are two breath practices which participants will learn and be able to use after the presentation. 

Qigong : (chee-gung), an ancient Chinese practice, is the art and science of combining breath with sincere movement, visualization and self-massage to cleanse, circulate, and strengthen life force energy (qi) for stress reduction and life enhancement. "Gong" means the effort or benefit one gets from working with life force energy -> "Qi." This interactive hour presentation leads the participants through Qigong movements. By practicing Qigong, one can recognize and become aware of the patterns of energy flowing in the body and in nature, and cultivate this energy for one's personal benefit.

Introduction to Reiki : An interactive two hour presentation on the gentle and effective practice of Reiki. Topics include Western and Japanese perspectives, Reiki and animals, history, energy exercises, how, when and why to practice Reiki, applications for everyday. (one hour presentation also available with or without continuing education)

2 Hour CE Introduction to Reiki is available for Massage Therapists.
FL CE Provider: 50-11749

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