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Japanese Perspective

If Reiki is from Japan, what does Japanese Perspective mean? It means a presentation which offers the simple
yet elegant energy philosophy from Japan at the time of Usui, founder of the system of Reiki. Reiki practice is a
practice for self-development. As the self becomes spiritually balanced, the environment outside of self has the
opportunity to do so as well -- yet Reiki practice always comes back to self. A side benefit of the practice is to be
able to offer to others. The presentation of Reiki I teach is without Western influence. It is the most authentic
presentation of Reiki I have found.

When Reiki was introducted to the West, it didn't take long for people trained in the Master (teacher) level to begin adding ideas to their presentation of Reiki, which has lead to Western Perspective Reiki classes. The addition
of chakras, angels, and various other spiritual / metaphysical ideas were included. This is all wonderful,
yet can lead to confusion about what a successful Reiki practice involves as a clear understanding of Reiki and Japanese energy philosophy may not be introduced.

When selecting a Reiki class, allow yourself the opportunity to feel into the best choice for you. If you take a Japanese perspective Reiki class, there are classes in chakras and other energy topics which will further expand your energy awareness. Take those classes when you are ready.

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