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Reiki: Byosen Scanning

Byosen Scanning is a technique used to locate possible areas of energy imbalances within a person's energy framework (biofield which consists of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). It is reported as a techniuqe that Usui used when offering Reiki palm healing. Once Byosen Scanning is learned, it takes time and practice to develop proficiency, yet the benefits are numerous and well worth the time and effort. Georgiana offers a Byosen Scanning four hour class (FL LMTs - 4 CEUs) which sets the foundation for byosen scanning, meditations and techniques to increase ability in sensing energy and recognizing possible energy field disturbances. Pre-requisite: Reiki 1, any lineage. Includes: grounding technique, scanning with eyes, energy sensing practice, and practice time for byosen scanning. Offered only a few times in a year, this Reiki technique class is $60. 5 CEUs for Florida LMT.

Visit the Calendar for current schedule.

This technique is not used to diagnose, prescribe or otherwise indicate physical, mental or emotional illness.

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