Georgiana with Shawn,
who loves Reiki
Georgiana has been practicing Reiki since 1993 and has actively taught since the early 2000s. A skilled and experienced energy therapist, she is also a licensed massage therapist and Qigong instructor working as a full-time holistic therapist, teacher, and speaker in Central Florida. She draws from her experience with Reiki and the three Reiki Master Teacher training classes she has taken to deliver insightful, quality time and information to her students and clients. Georgiana loves sharing Reiki with animals as well as humans, and teaches Animal Reiki in addition to foundational Reiki classes. Her life's work is devoted to sharing gentle practices which support a person in shifting towards balance, and she is available for classes, private sessions, and MindBody presentations. She is honored to have been asked to teach Reiki at Parrish Medical Center in Titusville (2012).

A licensed massage therapist, Georgiana specializes in subtle energy work. She believes in supporting the whole person and offers therapies which open and enhance a person’s natural state of being--balancing and bringing awareness to the body's energy movement.

Georgiana has volunteered Reiki to support the horses and wonderful work of Freedom Ride, She volunteered for Pet Alliance offering Reiki to the cats and kittens awaiting their new homes. Georgiana attends community and corporate events giving Reiki sessions to humans to introduce them to the wonderful effects and benefits of Reiki.

Georgiana has taught Qigong at Valencia Community College, the Navy, Everglades University and in the community. She presents relaxtaion and well-being seminars for local governments, corporations, and support groups.

Having taught several subjects since graduating high school, Georgiana has a gift for bringing clarity to unusual ideas. She provides insight which increases one's ability to develop solutions from a new perspective, one that draws upon personal power.

One of Georgiana's strongest attributes is compassionate response.
-Mark, Reiki 2 practitioner, Orlando, Florida

Georgiana always listens completely and offers thorough answers that
are insightful and knowledgeable. The class was great!
-Karen, Reiki 2 practitioner, Sebring, Florida

An Avatar Wizard since 2008, Georgiana contributes to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Avatar is a course in consciousness.

As an experienced speaker, Georgiana is passionate about sharing information on the emerging perspective of health and well-being through simple and effective energy medicine techniques. Informative and interactive, Georgiana's presentations are enjoyable and inspirational. Contact her for more information and to schedule her for your next group meeting. Georgiana will also travel to your location to teach classes.

Officiating ceremonies as a wedding officiant/minister since 1995, Georgiana is known for her soothing, gentle presence and strong, clear voice. As one person said, "Wow, there's a lot of power in that little person!" She is available for weddings, vow renewals, baby blessings, baptisms, life celebrations, and memorials.

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Florida License: MA62113

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