Integrative Biofield Therapy
Reiki -- Craniosacral
Awareness and Restoration of Harmonious MindBody Energy

Qi Consciousness offers community and private classes, presentations, lunch 'n learns, corporate wellness classes, and individual Reiki, Craniosacral and Pediatric sessions in practices and concepts to support and enhance the biofield (energy within and surrounding the body). Working with Qi (chee) or Ki (key) -- often defined as life force energy -- these integrative, complementary therapies focus on relaxtion, restoring balance, pain management, affirmative living and clearing obstacles to connecting with the essence of life.

Practices to enhance life force energy, while in some ways still a new concept in Western society, have been widely and successfully used in other cultures for thousands of years. We see a movement in our culture to reestablish a conscious connection with family as well as all relationships, to more natural ways of living, to consideration and connection with Earth and all its inhabitants; and as we see this happening and begin to move towards it ourselves, we experience deep within, the fulfillment of a core need: embracing life through an open and allowing process by
healing our soul.

These techniques and practices support that need and desire which is arising in so many, and benefit our lives in simple, natural and profound ways to awaken and contribute to our self care, healing and advancement as conscious beings.

Based in Orlando/Central Florida, private sessions and classes are held in Winter Park. Classes can be arranged in your area and private session home visits may be available in special cases.

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Continuing Education Units / Credits: Florida Massage Therapists
on Reiki classes! FL CE Provider: 50-11749

Seasonal Specials and Celebrations ~ Birthdays, specials

Offerings include:

Reiki sessions, Craniosacral, Chakra Balance, Energy Medicine, Craniosacral Fascial

Reiki Classes, Meditation, Laying on of Hands Healing

Infant Massage Classes for Parents

Therapeutic sessions for Newborns - Babies - Children - Adults & Animals

Classes for Adults, Teens, Children, & Animal Reiki classes to benefit all creatures, large and small

Corporate / Community Presentations
for stress reduction and enhanced living

Wellness Fairs / Community Events with free five minute relaxation sessions

Florida License: MA62113 / MM33254

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